City Transformation From The Prayer Altar

One of the key strategies to take cities for God is through Prayer walks and prayer drives. God spoke to our spiritual father Apostle Julius Suubi in the year 2016 that we mobilize intercessors during the overnight prayer every Friday and Sunday evening and do prayer drives to take back our city for God. Our city was covered by a cloud of darkness and a lot of wickedness was taking place in our capital city, Nairobi. Prostitution, drinking, drug trafficking, crime and murder were so common. Every Friday night we would walk around the city and in night clubs praying and anointing the territory and we would leave scriptures on the ground. On Sundays we would drive around the city, then later park our cars and walk around doing prophetic actions and making prophetic declarations. After two years of intensive prayer and prophetic declarations, two famous night clubs which were strongholds in the city, ruling and dominating for many years were shut down. On 2 March 2018, a demolition squad descended on one of the clubs in the middle of the night and flattened it; it has been made car parking zone and the other one was turned into a very nice restaurant. Hallelujah.

Pastor Emmanuel.