Julius Suubi is the founder of Highway of Holiness Ministries International; a ministry on the forefront of prayer, revival and community transformation in Kenya.

His burden is to bring the nations back to God. He is the Senior Pastor of Exploits Worship Centre in Nairobi. His ministry also runs a school and orphanage known as Children of Destiny at Kayole, Kenya.

His ministry runs a 24/7 prayer tower in the heart of Nairobi city where intercession for nations takes place. Prayer, revival, intimacy with God, healing and deliverance take place in his ministry.

Moreover, his personal prayer ministry is clothed with wisdom and insight as he ministers to people who have broken lives, who then experience the deep healing power of God and gain hope for daily living.

He has spent considerable time traveling and teaching at large churches, particularly in Malaysia, but also other nations.

Apostle Suubi believes that the future belongs to the intercessors and was instrumental in the strategic birthing of the Canberra House of Prayer for All Nations in Australia’s Capital in 2010.

He has traveled to more than 25 countries of the world and runs an annual prayer summit called Heaven`s Fire Prayer Summit that gathers people from many nations. Apostle Suubi’s desire is to reach the people of the world through travailing in prayer and bringing about community transformation.

He moves in a tangible prophetic and apostolic mandate hence, bringing the church back to repentance and holiness.

He is married to Martha Suubi and they are blessed with 2 sons: Prince David and Jonathan Gift. They live in Nairobi. All the challenges he faced, for example, growing up without a father and even being raised up at one point by a prostitute, created a favorable climate for him to commit his life to Jesus.

He later on joined parliamentary politics from where the Lord called him to full time ministry in 1996.

His prayer life was greatly impacted by the works of the late Apostle Deo Balyebekubo, the father of apostolic ministry in Uganda and John Mulinde who fathered him in the prayer ministry.

It is in Kenya that God gave him two important people who have played a great role in his ministry – Bishop Arthur Kitonga who is his spiritual father and Pastor Esther Kiarie who is his spiritual mother. His ministry is characterized by a strong presence of the Holy Spirit with a very strong cloud of the spirit of prayer that ignites people to pray aggressively and for long hours.

Great deliverance, prophecies and healing accompany his ministry. He has a relentless burden to bring the nations back to God. He is the African director of Loving The Descendants of Abraham Ministry, a ministry with a burden to reach out to the Muslims.

Email: jsuubi@highwayofholinessintl.org

Apostle Suubi has authored four books: –

  1. The Unbeatable Prayer
  2. The Unbeatable Power of a Forty Day Fast
  3. Governmental Anointing
  4. Who Will Take the Land