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Highway of Holiness Ministry International was founded by Apostle Julius Suubi in the year 2000. The lord spoke to him to raise up an army that will bring about the end time glory to cities, nations and continents.

The ministry is setting the nations ablaze with the fire of intercessory prayers. Apostle Julius Suubi is actually known as the Apostle of Prayers and God is taking him to nations for teaching, equipping and awakening the saints in the areas of intercessory and warfare.

The ministry also birthed a church under the name Exploits Worship Centre in December 2002. Curently, the ministry has grown with branches not only in Kenya but also Uganda.

Apostle Dr. Julius Suubi

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Highway of Holiness Ministries International was founded in 2000 by Apostle Julius Suubi. The Lord spoke to him to raise up an army that will bring....

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