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Welcome to a collection of sermons preached by Apostle Julius Suubi at various nations across the globe.Enjoy as you get ministered to as you watch the videos.






Sermon Center

A collection of Highway of Holiness Ministries Int'l  Sermons

Download Name Play Size Length
download Benefits of Serving the Lord Part 1 - Julius Suubi. 20 th Feb 2016

26.2 MB 25:16 min
download Benefits of Serving the Lord Part 2 - Julius Suubi 27 th Feb 2016

27.2 MB 26:41 min
download Power Manifestation - January 9, 2016 - Julius suubi

30.4 MB 27:55 min
download Power Manifestation Part 2 - January 17, 2016 - Julius Suubi

29.4 MB 27:57 min
download Power Manifestation Part 3 - January 23, 2016 - Julius Suubi

30.6 MB 28:24 min
download Power Manifestation Part 4 - January 30, 2016 - Julius Suubi

30.4 MB 28:20 min
download REDEMPTION - Apostle Julius Suubi

25 MB 21:55 min
download Why God chose David over Saul as king. Apostle Julius Suubi

30.8 MB 26:26 min
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24/7 Prayer Tower

Takes place day and night in line with the ministry calling. Every night God has brought intercessors from various churches to watch at night. No single has passed without prayers .Intercessors pray in segments of three hours and then take rest .

The ministry provides mattresses for people to rest after praying for three since some of the intercessors who come would be going to work the next day .we have to cover the nights that the devil is most active.


Prayer Schools

Highway of Holiness Ministries International has held several prayer schools.

1. School of the Tabernacle of David.

2. School of Intercession.

3. School of Deliverance




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